Since FROSTAIRE’s humble beginnings in 1980, we have prided ourselves in our desire to create a happier, better life for our valuable customers and throughout the years with a committed work ethic have successfully managed to position ourselves alongside some of the industry’s leading names in a short span of time.

The Customer Comes First

We credit an honest approach to business and our dedicated work force, which consists of over 150 personnel, as our prime recipe for success, and if there’s one thing which will not change as the company strives towards higher planes of growth, it’s the commitment made towards FROSTAIRE’s rapidly expanding client base as the provider of an effective and efficient service. This attitude of committed customer service, giving birth to the company’s ideal “The customer comes first”, is backed by our highly experienced, trained and dedicated technical and sales teams who will not only be present to guide you through your choices and options as you select the ideal solution for your requirement, but will promise to also provide an unparalleled after-sales service of the highest caliber. With an expanding client base with brands such as Dilmah, Singer, Aitken Spence, Unilever, Nestle and Dialog tucked under our umbrella of happy and long term clients, our brand remains a leader in the air- conditioning & cooling solutions sector.

Continued Innovation

Frostaire has rapidly and continuously expanded over the last 30 years adding new and often first in market solutions, services and brands to its portfolio. Our range of innovative business ventures include various commodity products such as the eco-friendly and portable housing space solution through MASCO’s Portacabin, Transport Refrigeration units and panel vans through GAH and LANKA COLD CHAIN (Pvt) Ltd., and pioneering the commercial availability and distribution of ice cubes and water dispensers all across the island with FROSTY. FROSTAIRE boasts over 30 years of industrial and technical expertise as one of the leading service providers in the country. In addition to our one-of-a-kind in-house R&D lab, we can also proudly claim to have one of the largest installed bases of air conditioning and specialized refrigeration appliances in the country. This forward-thinking approach symbolizes and stands as a statement to our commitment and determination towards growth as a brand, as well as the projection of an innovative, effective and efficient service provider persona that’s uniquely FROSTAIRE.