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Our cold rooms are available from smaller sizes to bigger walk-in models. There are no any dimension limits we can do any sizes and variations what our customer needs. Special sizes can be adapted to any storage space or facility what customers have.In commercial cases it is strongly recommended to connect all of the cold rooms and freezers to each other. To use this option end users can save installation costs and useful spaces.Our products are available for cold storage as well as any other different purposes. Our products are equipped with digital thermometer and automatic controlled electronic. Customer can set parameters of temperature and easily check room temperature on the LED/LCD display. Any other functions (such as defrosting, dripping, alarms, on-off circles) can be managed by the automatic electronic control system.Both commercial walk-in cold and freezer rooms can be built by painted metal or stainless steel. For special purposes we can use other materials as well. For example PE coated or wooden patterned walls.
There are many advantages of our customized design:

  • No standard dimensions. No modular system. Our products are customized for the needs of our customer. We can manage all of your special demands such as glass doors, special floor, silent condensing unit, shelving system, etc.
  • Can be customized to suit individual needs
  • Exact panel connections at the corners
  • Various types and custom design
  • Always a custom look
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Dismountable design – easy to resettle
  • Long durability perfect construction
  • Energy saving with customized PU panels
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Balanced refrigeration system
  • Commercial cold room production and installation from our professional company.
  • Our cold rooms and freezers are made of modern PU/PIR panels, which fulfils all of hygienic and authority requirements. Special panels for example fire safe and PE coated types are available.


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