MASCO Insulated Panels



MASCO Styrofoam Based Composite Panels are specially designed and manufactured to customer needs. Our capabilities extend across a wide range of applications such Refrigerated Trucks, Lorry Body Panesl, Cold Rooms, Caravans, Portable Cabins, Camper Vans, Cladding Windows & Doors etc.. We also manufacture panels for any job that requires an insulated composite panel.Depending on your application, an existing product solution may be available as a “standard item” in our range, alternatively, a dedicated design manufactured to individual customer requirements is also possible taking into account, the weight, strength, durability, thermal properties and the economy of construction.We aim to offer you the best solution possible for your panel needs along with the best quality and competitive price.

Advantages of Using MASCO Styrofoam Based Composite Panels

  • Good thermal insulation
  • High mechanical strength
  • High water and vapor resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good bonding properties
  • Light weight
  • Long-term performance
  • Easy to use


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